Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ohhh Spring cleaning. I've been at it for ages now, I'm a perfectionist. Things have to be cleaned...just so. I have this luxury because I don't have the kiddies, only kitties.

Things that I usually include in my Spring cleaning that most people don't think about are on the interwebs.
1. Email - Unsubscribe from those bulk mails you have never read, or don't ever click on. Simply deleting simply isn't good enough.
2. Facebook/Twitter apps - It's important to stay on top of the programs you're giving permissions to your information to. I read an awesome article on this on LifeHacker this morning, it inspired me to make this post.
3. Contacts/Messages on my Smart phone - That stuff is important to get rid of too. Just as important as my next one.
4. Clear your cache - I know I do this about once a week, but I'm on so many browsers all day long and I see the speed difference. I do however know that many of you don't even know what a cache check out WikiHow to get started.
5. Lestoil cleans everything - It's the perfect cleaner. Gets grease out of asphalt and pit stains out of whites. Delicate enough for laundry without getting all bleachy and smells a bit like Pinesol. It's by far my favorite thing EVAR! 

There you have it, my Spring cleaning tips. Have any to add? Even if it's real cleaning..because I love love love cleaning tips! 

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  1. omg! I do most things too. (I thought i was the only one.